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Who is behind Facebook?

Have you ever wondered how “free” sites such as mySpace, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. operate? After all, it takes money to run a business, even if that business takes advantage of the lower overhead often associated with web-based ventures.

But what if there were more? What if a website was able to get you to tell it your name, nicknames, current address, former addresses, schools, likes, dislikes, political opinions, and let you link in with friends and family… they even got you to upload current pictures of yourself.

And what if that that website didn’t stop there… what if it cross-referenced school transcripts, membership rolls, newspaper articles, phone books, online advertisers tracking cookies, etc. and created a huge profile all about you…

But even with all that data, they’d have to get your permission to use it all, right? What if they already got your permission?

Sounds paranoid, right? Watch this video, then form your own opinion.

Thoughts and comments are invited.


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