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iCoaster for iPhone

image Is your significant other is always getting on your case about setting your (insert drink of choice here) on the (insert a wood surface here) and leaving water rings from the condensation?

Do the words “can’t you ever use a coaster” echo throughout your home and embarrass you in front of your friends?

Can you never find a coaster when you need one?

Do you have an iPhone? If so, with this 3G-enabled web application all your coaster problems are solved!

Introducing iCoaster for iPhone! Simply navigate to this address and viola! Instant coaster! No more yelling, no more embarrassment, and if you use it long enough, no more need to plug in your iPhone to charge!

Best of all, it’s free*!

* = Cost of any damages to the iPhone due to condensation, water, spills, etc. are the responsibility of the owner. iCoaster is not liable for any damages incidental, consequential, or for any legal mumbo-jumbo reasons. Use at your own risk.


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