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Student of Schanze’s dies in paraglider crash

The Federal Aviation Administration is investigating the death of a paragliding  student in Imperial Beach, California.

Henry Ho, 48, reportedly crashed his paraglider into a pile of rocks near the US/Mexico border and was pronounced dead on scene.

Ho was reportedly receiving paragliding instruction from Dell “SuperDell” Schanze, and others in the paragliding community are calling on officials to revoke Shanze’s training license.

“Over and over and over, he’s just a habitual violator of any kind of air sport we have,” said paraglider instructor Billy Purden.

When Shanze was finally contacted for comment, he was quick to point out:

“It was a fluke thing. I could never have guessed he was going to freeze up like that. (…)  I realize I couldn’t have done anything more. I am the best instructor and the leader of the biggest paragliding school in the world, and this is the first death I’ve ever had in my 12 years of instructing.”

You can read more at Fox 5.

Photo credit: Khari Johnson


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