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I am pro-choice – just maybe not how some define it

Let me put this on the record right now: I am pro-choice – just maybe not how some define it.

Both the woman and the man had a CHOICE to be intimate together. They both had the CHOICE to engage in intercourse*.

The consequence of those CHOICES is ultimately the creation of another human being. From the moment those two pieces of the mother and the father combine, another person has been created. That person, too, has a CHOICE.

*In the instances where the woman didn’t have a choice (rape, incest, or extreme medical necessity to protect the life of the mother), that’s where the conversation of abortion becomes valid.

In the meantime, all those who believe it’s a woman’s body and a woman’s choice, I agree — except that her CHOICE was made when she chose to engage in intercourse. Any pregnancy (unwanted or not) is a CONSEQUENCE of that choice.


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