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Chocolate bar versus silver bar: Which one would you pick? (video)

Everyone loves chocolate, right? But if you had your choice between a chocolate bar and a silver bar, which would you pick?

That’s exactly the question put in front of a bunch of random people in front of a coin shop.

“You’re a winner today! We’re offering a free Hershey bar, right out of the fridge, or a free silver bar – it’s 10 ounces, it’s a little tarnished. Which one do you want?”

One woman even said:

“But is it (the Hershey bar) real? It doesn’t seem real.”

Just so you know, a king-sized Hershey bar sells for right around $2.00. At today’s prices, a 10 ounce silver bar sells for over $150.

Source: Mark Dice


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