Election Results


According to the Davis County Election Results a whole bunch of "fun things" were decided by popular vote…

  1. State School Vouchers failed, but this may have an unexpected twist that I’ll write about later.
  2. Davis County Residents said "no" to an increased 0.25% sales tax.
  3. Syracuse’s Mayor shall retain his title as CEO; the attempt to re-structure/re-define the form of government by the City Council was overthrown.
  4. Doug Hammond (19.79%), Alan L Clark (18.06%), and Doug Peterson (18.06%) were voted on to the City Council; that replaces all three incumbents (Danny Hammon, Wally Peterson, Dean Steel (who had been appointed to the City Council to fill a vacancy, were all ousted).
  5. Municipal Referendum 2 also passed (by a large margin).

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