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Honda rips off Prius?

imageMy wife and I watched a commercial the other day, in it everyone was driving a Toyota Prius. It was an awesome commercial, until the “end credits” ran, and we found out the car in the commercial was made by Honda.

“What?! That’s not the 2010 Prius?” I asked out loud.

It sure looks like a Prius. It has the same side-profile as a Prius. It has the same hatch-back as the Prius. It has the same small window on the hatch-back’s lift-gate. It has the same antenna. It even has the same tail-light angles as the Prius.

Nope, it’s a Honda.

Now, I’m not saying that Honda’s new Insight is a knock-off of Toyota’s Prius… I’ll let you decide for yourself.

What I’m wondering, is this new Insight body design going to make people think it’s a Prius and drive Toyota sales? Or is it going to make people think that all the Priuses (Prii?) on the road are Honda’s?

In either event, I drive a Prius (and I’m straight).


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  1. Haha, oh dear, what a complete clone. Oh well, I guess thats what 'competition' really is/

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