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Pelosi: "We Don’t Need 'Moral Judgment' From The Chairman Of The Joint Chiefs"

Speaker Pelosi sharply criticizes Gen. Peter Pace for calling homosexuality “immoral.” (Video at source.)

Gen. Pace was asked for his PERSONAL OPINION. Which he gave. He didn’t worry about political correctness, he didn’t worry about “ramifications,” he answered the question truthfully.

Whether or not you agree with his opinion is a moot point.

Speaker Pelosi, you promised to clean up the “culture of corruption” in Congress, then you appointed Rep. William Jefferson’s (D) to the Homeland Security Committee ( this after a federal bribery probe turned up more than $90,000 in his freezer and he was videotaped accepting a bribe).

From my perspective, we need some “moral judgment” from the Speaker of the House!

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