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Dirty Deals: Tax Cuts for ObamaCare

You may have heard that Obama and the Republicans reached a deal to extend the current tax rates for two more years.

But what the statists are trying to sweep under the rug is that part of this “deal” is that the Republicans will agree to a continuing resolution to fund the government until September 30, 2011.

That means the Republicans are selling out to fund ObamaCare for at least the next ten months.

It’s vital you contact your senators immediately and DEMAND they blow up any shady deals to link extending the current tax rates to funding ObamaCare.

Contact Senator Robert Bennett at (202) 224-5444 and/or byemail and Senator Orrin Hatch at (202) 224-5251 and/or byemail and insist they kill any deal connecting extending the current tax rates to funding ObamaCare.

Your action is critical to busting up this deal to fund ObamaCare.

So contact Senator Robert Bennett at (202) 224-5444 and/or by email and Senator Orrin Hatch at (202) 224-5251 and/or by email and send a clear message that you will not tolerate any backroom deals to link maintaining the current tax rates to funding ObamaCare.

In Liberty,

John Tate, President
Campaign for Liberty


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