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Update on Wind Damage at Mom’s House

I visited Mom today. The lawn shed still needs to be re-shingled but has a few inches of snow on it. It still has felt, a layer of shingles, and another layer of felt on it, so I don’t think it’s a rush — we can probably wait until Spring.

The wind tore the ladders off the shed and bent the brackets. Dad probably has some brackets around we can use to replace them (if they can’t be bent back into shape).

The power is working but Mom says the “weather cap” still needs to be replaced. I’ll have to follow up on that.

The power problems (caused by the wind) blew out one of the control modules on her furnace — which they don’t make any more, and we couldn’t find a used/refurb

unit anywhere… so she’s got a brand-new 95% efficient furnace and new electronic thermostat.

A young driver took the corner too fast and wiped out Mom’s mailbox. She was nice, left the box and a note on the front porch apologizing for the damage. I found an extra mailbox that Dad had in the lawn shed, but I thought he had a heavy-duty, steel mailbox somewhere. Has anyone seen this recently? The plan is to put up a temporary post (until Spring) and then cement in a post. (The metal one probably won’t work.)



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