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Democrats and Mayor Nagle Actively Campaigning for Incumbent City Council Members?

Update, October 24, 2011:

It was brought to my attention that the Davis County Democrats have removed the “Save Syracuse’s City Council” post from their website and the link provided in the original posting of this was returning a “404: Document not found” error. I’ve removed the link to the broken page and have replaced it with a link to an article discussing the possible reasons why they’re remove the post a week before the “Campaign for the Incumbents” meeting was to take place.

Mayors and City Councils are supposed to be “non-partisan”. They don’t have an R, C, D, L, or I after their names. They don’t run on party tickets, and they aren’t supposed to play partisan politics.

Davis County Democrats organize at home of Mayor NagleSo what does it mean when the Davis County Democrats hold a campaign for the three incumbent City Council Members at Mayor Nagle’s house?

The post reads as follows:

Syracuse, like many other cities, is under attack by city council candidates who want to gut city governments.

Not really, the people running against the incumbents are conservatives who feel that our current City Council and Mayor have gotten us deep into debt and their solution to new problems is more debt

In this case, several candidates want to eliminate the city’s parks and recreations programs.

To begin with, there aren’t even “several candidates” running against the incumbents. Some of them feel cuts in some departments are necessary. Others feel that cuts should be made across the board. Still others have different plans. We suggest you research your candidates and talk to them personally about your concerns, see what they have to say for themselves.

It’s important we fight for good candidates in municipal races.  Usually these candidates become partisan candidates later on in their political careers.

Given the context, this sentence really should read “It’s important we fight for good DEMOCRAT candidates…”. The second half of the sentence implies that City Council Members usually become “partisan candidates” later on, and are using their time on OUR City Council to advance their agenda and pad their resume’ for future office runs — with the support of the Democrats.

If they believe in good government, this isn’t so much of a problem.  This year, though, too many of them are tea-party tenthers.  We need to stop them now before they get larger platforms for their extremist ideas, and ambition to enact them at higher levels of government.

“Good government” is Democrat lingo for “Big Government”, higher taxes, and fewer individual liberties. They love nothing more than lumping conservative candidates who favor small government and individual liberty as “Tea Partiers” to try and make you think they’re radicals. When did fiscal responsibility and individual liberty are “radical” concepts?

On Saturday, October 29, at 10 AM, please meet at the Nagle home of 773 West 2400 South, Syracuse to do targeted, door-to-door campaigning for Alan ClarkMatthew Ocaña, and Doug Peterson.  […] You can also ask questions about the candidates to Davis County Democratic Party treasurer Kevin Nagle.

Wait a minute!

  • Kevin Nagle holds an office in the Davis County Democrat Party. Any relation to Mayor Jamie Nagle?
  • Why would the Davis County Democratic Party endorse candidates in a Syracuse non-partisan race?
  • Why would our “non-partisan” Mayor allow a her home to be used as the Democrat campaign headquarters?

I think the answers are clear:

  • Yes, Davis County Democrat Party treasurer, Kevin Nagle, is Mayor Jamie Nagle‘s spouse.
  • Mayor Nagle is a Democrat in what should be an non-partisan position.
  • Mayor Nagle is allowing her Democrat friends to use her home as Democrat Campaign HQ to try and retain the three incumbent City Council Members because they vote on her side more often than not — they vote “Democrat”.

Now that this information has come to light, are you going to vote for a City Council Member that the Democrats are campaigning for — or for the conservative candidates running against them?


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