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Dell Schanze Single-Handedly Gets Paragliding. Banned in Imperial Beach, California

SuperDell apparently wants to start a paragliding school in Imperial Beach, California — according to the report, he’s already applied for a business license.

Unfortunately, in true SuperDell style, he went and messed up his chances before they even got off the ground — pardon the pun.

Like what he did in Astoria, Oregon not long ago, Dell found someplace to jump from with his paraglider on his back. In this case it was a house by the beach. He landed in the sand.

San Diego County Sheriff’s deputies cited him and filed a report with the Federal Aviation Administration.

“No matter how you control [paragliders], there’s a possibility of hitting beachgoers. We have a very small, narrow beach. We have buildings that you can run into, ” said Imperial Beach Public Safety Director Tom Clark.

According to the report, this stunt violates FAA regulations because of the nearby military bases in Imperial Beach and Coronado.

After his stunt the Imperial Beach City Council enacted an emergency ordinance which bans paragliding, powergliding and ultralight aircraft — something they may not have authority to do, since airspace falls under the jurisdiction of the FAA.

Source: 10News


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  1. Adam Gale says:

    I have to say, it’s nice to read up on the nutjob formally known as Dell Schanze. I’m sure one day, he’ll be a full time prisoner somewhere.

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