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Are you a Walmartian?

Walmartian (noun) = A person who is reliant upon the system, and doesn’t know that’s a really bad situation.

I can’t take credit for coining the phrase, but I do subscribe to its definition. My kids come home from school with stories about other children (some not as young as you might think) that are under the impression that milk, eggs, butter, etc. all come from the grocery store. The topic usually comes up when talking about why we have chickens.

My kids: “Because we like eating eggs.”

Classmates: “But eggs come from the grocery store!”

My kids: (face palm!)

Unfortunately, I’m beginning to find more adults that either don’t know or don’t care about where their food comes from. Honestly, I think the latter is more concerning than the former.

You see, when people become so reliant upon a system — any system — that they don’t care where the source is, they’re probably too far down the rabbit hole to turn around and realize that they’re going to be in a good deal of trouble when that system eventually fails.

All we need to do is look at people that have experienced disasters — hurricane, tornado, earthquake, flood, tsunami, nuclear meltdown, etc. (I mention each one of those by name because each one has happened somewhere around the world within the last several months). The systems will eventually fail, for some reason or another. Are you prepared for when they do? The Walmartians certainly aren’t.


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