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USJF: The War Continues …

What a tremendous VICTORY for Constitutional conservatives in the recent election! But, one victory does not mean that we’ve won the war. As long as Barack Hussein Obama is in Washington, the war continues. Let’s not rest on our laurels just yet. But, first, I must thank you for the tireless effort that you’ve made to help USJF fight the good fight. Last night was a great first step, but there are many of steps to be taken before the battle to preserve the U. S. Constitution is finished.

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Obama to bypass Congress with carbon taxes?

In his nationally televised press conference, President Obama indicated that carbon taxes may be imposed on U.S. citizens through a move designed to sidestep Congress altogether. Knowing that the chances of getting cap-and-trade legislation through a Republican-controlled House and a Senate with a larger, more conservative Republican minority will be almost impossible, Obama suggested a route through the Environmental Protection Agency may be a way to accomplish the goal without requiring new legislation.

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DeMint: Tea party owed credit for election gains

South Carolina Sen. Jim DeMint says he hopes fellow Republicans heed the call of tea party and give the grass-roots activists credit for last week’s election gains. He also says the campaign of the GOP’s White House nominee in 2012 should be based on repealing President Barack Obama’s health care law. DeMint says Republicans — who just won control of the House — should make every effort to withhold money to help put the law into practice.

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