Congress Considering CONTEMPT Charges Against Obama Regime over ECO-SCAM


Fox News has reported that Members of Congress investigating the TAXPAYER-FINANCED $535 million loan guarantee that the Obama administration gave to now-bankrupt solar panel manufacturer Solyndra are considering suing the White House to obtain access to documents relating to the scandal!


“For close to a year, the House Energy and Commerce Committee has been probing the circumstances surrounding the loan and its subsequent restructuring, which subordinated taxpayers to private investors in the recovery of the company’s assets. Solyndra’s chief investor, billionaire George Kaiser, is a prominent Obama supporter whom records show visited the White House 17 times…

…lawmakers on the panel are considering holding hearings — first at the subcommittee level, then for the full committee — to vote on a contempt citation against the White House. Experts said that if such an event were to come to pass, the full House, which is controlled by the Republicans, would have to vote on the citation. If that in turn were to happen, the House would officially refer the matter to the U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia forenforcement against the White House.”

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