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Dell Enters Plea Deal in Astoria Column Jump

Dell Schanze and the City of Astoria have come to a plea deal in his recent stunt where he launched himself off the Astoria Column and glided tot he ground in his para-glider.

The deal included a written apology and the $1,000 bail he posted to get out of jail will be considered his fine to the city.

“Had I been aware of a clear law against it, or any signs of such posted, or any persons there who discouraged it, I would definitely not have done it.”

The “apology” might not have been exactly what the city hoped for, but Mayor Willis Van Dusen said it was satisfactory.

“I was very concerned when Mr. Schanze did his stunt off of the Astoria Column. It was dangerous and it worried me that others might try to copy his reckless stunt,” Van Dusen said.

Source: Daily Astorian


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