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Chairman's Message: Matheson's Reelection Bid Will Be Difficult

Media outlets across the country are reporting on Rep. Jim Matheson’s difficult reelection bid as Utah gains an additional congressional district. Matheson’s vote for the $800 billion failed stimulus bill, and flip-flop on healthcare (he voted against the trillion dollar government takeover initially, then voted against repealing it), will clearly hurt his reelection chances.

Washington Post: Utah Republicans ponder Matheson’s fate

“Democratic Rep. Jim Matheson is a political survivor of the first sort, holding down a very conservative Utah House district for the past decade. But Republicans think Matheson will face his toughest opponent ever: redistricting.”

Full Article:

Deseret News: Will Matheson Survive? Census figures set stage for redistricting

“The shape of U.S. Rep. Jim Matheson’s district is among the top considerations for state legislators getting ready to undertake the every-10-years ritual of redistricting, this time with a fourth congressional seat.”

Full Article:

Please do all you can to spread the word that Rep. Jim Matheson needs to be retired from elected office.

Thomas Wright, Chair
Utah Republican Party


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