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UVSC above the Law?

Utah Valley State College (UVSC) decided to bring the highly controversial Michael Moore to speak. The total cost is over $50,000 ($40K paid to Mr. Moore himself, the rest in travel costs and expenses) which is to be paid out of the Student Activities Budget.

This would seem a bit out of place for a school in a conservative county and a conservative state, but alternate points of view are a good thing, right?

Here’s where the story takes an intersting turn of events. Apparently, according to the UVSC constitution, any contracts or expendatures over $50K must be voted upon by the student body AND public input hearings must be held. Neither of these were done in the case of Mr. Moore’s contract.

Under UVSC “law,” since the proper procedure was not followed, the contract’s validity is in question. What does this mean? Well, simply put, Mr. Moore can come and talk (which many people are trying to prevent), but he cannot be paid.

I guess we’ll see what tomorrow brings.


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