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Cap and Tax Isn't Dead Yet!

Remember the Monthy Python bit where the guy came walking through the village clanging his bell and calling for everyone to “bring out your dead!” and the old guy kept complaining “I’m not dead yet! I feel happy!” The same is true for the “Cap and Tax” bill that’s masquerading as a way to fight “Global Warming” or “Climate Change”.

Congress knows that the American people are furious. They realize they are facing a bloodbath at the polls in November, so they are preparing a desperate push to jam “Cap and Tax” through the Senate, with a vote possibly as soon as September.

Please take a few minutes to listen to this urgent message. Despite what you may have heard in the press, “Cap and Tax” is far from dead, and we must keep the heat on the Senate to make sure we win this fight. Stop “Cap and Tax”!

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  1. joelevi says:

    Cap and Tax Isn’t Dead Yet!… #utpol #tcot #gop

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