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Traffic Cones

They’ve been working on the main road by my house for well over a year now… and it’s finally looking like they’re almost done. True, there are still plenty of traffic cones and people waiving warning flags to keep us from plowing through a newly cut hole in the road, but it’s progress! Hang on to that thought for a moment.

Not long ago the family and I were on a road trip and found ourselves out in the sticks on a two-lane road with very little shoulder and no center lane. Murphy’s law struck and one of our toddlers got car sick. I pulled off the edge of the road right away and went into action. My wife cleaned up the little one and I pulled out the warning triangle that we keep in the back of the mini-van for just this sort of situation.

Luckily for us I was able to get almost entirely off the road and it was in the middle of the day, so visibility wasn’t a problem.

That got me thinking.

Those guys working on my road have all sorts of cool traffic cones to guide and direct traffic — a lot better than my single, skimpy caution triangle. Not only that, but they wear bright colored, reflective vests to make sure they are seen, not just the cones.

There’s got to be a way I can take what these professional road-workers use every day and apply that to my “emergency road kit”. And, as luck would have it, a simple search on the inner webs has a solution:

Head on over and grab a couple safety vests, and even a few collapsible traffic barricades. Let me know what you’ve got inside your “emergency roadside kit” and what you get from to put in there!


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