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Candidate for U.S. Senate: Dan Liljenquist

I am Dan Liljenquist and I am running for the US Senate because it’s time. It’s time for a new generation of leaders to step up and tackle the tough fiscal challenges of today. It’s time for leaders
who know that states can govern themselves better than Washington – and who will work to drive power back to those states. It’s time to take the principles that make Utah the “Best Managed State” in America to our nation’s capital.

When I was born in 1974, our national debt was $475 billion. Today, it is over $15 trillion. That is a 3000% increase and has saddled every man, woman and child with almost $50,000 in federal debt. We have known for decades that so-called mandatory spending was unsustainable. It now eats up almost every penny of
our hard-earned tax dollars, putting all other spending on the federal credit card.

We need fiscal leadership. In my freshman term, I tackled two of the toughest fiscal issues facing our state – pension reform and Medicaid reform. When the legislature passed the bills I sponsored, we became the first state in the nation to put our pension system on a sustainable path and to cap Medicaid spending.

Those reforms are now considered model legislation around the nation. We also did away with double-dipping and ended pensions for legislators.

In the 3 weeks since I announced my candidacy, I have held almost 80 meetings across the state, including 18 town hall events and 3 debates. Our campaign has been joined by over 600 volunteers, with more flooding in every day. Come join us! Visit my website at, find me on Facebook and follow me on Twitter at @DanForUtah. It’s Time!

Dan Liljenquist


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