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Candidate for U.S. Senate: Chris Herrod

I am running for U.S. Senate because it is a critical time for America. We have a small window of opportunity to turn this nation around. Our only chance to avoid economic hardship is to quickly return to the principles upon which this nation was founded. As Patrick Henry stated, “No free government, or the blessing of liberty, can be preserved to any people without a frequent recurrence of fundamental principles.”

We must restore the balance of power back to the States and get back to the founding principles of our government: the US Constitution, the fundamentals of our economy: free-markets and limited government, and the fundamental principles of our society: self-reliance and energy independence.

Unfortunately, our national debt puts us in a precarious position because the world is more dangerous now than ever before and yet Utah has the ability to help solve our economic problems.

Utah has the natural resources to help the United States get out of the financial mess it is in if Utahns are allowed to develop them as they see fit. By developing Utah’s oil shale, natural gas and the cleanest coal in the world, Utah can give the equivalent of a tax break to all Americans by lowering the energy costs and literally fuel an economic recovery. We can reduce the national debt and Utah’s school children will benefit as well. According to Utah’s Enabling Act 5% of all proceeds from public lands sold go to the Utah School Trust Fund. A trillion dollars worth of coal exists in the Kaiparowits Plataea – a region of the Grand Staircase National Monument – this alone would provide $50 Billion to Utah’s school children. Nobody cares about Utah more than Utahns. Utahns will find the right environmental balance if simply given a chance.

Manufacturing is the base of any economy and mineral extraction is the most basic of manufacturing. It provides great middle-class jobs, will keep rural Utah from dying, and will wean us off foreign oil. The U.S. must become more self-sufficient and give less money to those who may not have our best interests at heart.

As others have said, “Chris has proven that he will stand up for correct principles. He has done this overseas, here in the States, and while serving in the Utah Legislature. He has not been afraid to take on the press or the political establishment and will do the same in Washington, D.C. He spoke against the deficit and voted against taking additional stimulus money before it was popular to do so. He had the foresight and courage to warn what would happen if we did nothing to stop illegal immigration and has eloquently explained about the unfairness to potential immigrants waiting in line. He dared call socialism “socialism” before it was popular to do so. He co-founded “The Patrick Henry Caucus” which helped popularized States Sovereignty and has been a consistent conservative.”

State Legislatures are where the major decision affecting citizens should be made. As a U.S. Senator, I will work vigorously to bring power back to State Legislatures so the citizens of Utah can have more influence on their elected leaders. A U.S. Senator’s powers should be limited the constitutional defined responsibilities. I still have work to accomplish in the Utah Legislature and will remain in office, but I will not seek reelection for my Utah House seat. It has been a great honor to serve and I will always be grateful for the constituents of District 62 for giving me the opportunity to serve.

I am appreciative for the service and years of sacrifice of Senator Hatch, but I am afraid that if the status quo remains after this election cycle, Washington, D.C. will go back to conducting business as usual and the latest call for a restoration of the U.S. Constitution will be seen as nothing but another passing fad.

Years ago, I read an article that stated the most important trait to have in a friend is “courage.” I am looking for friends with courage to help me make a difference because I cannot do this alone. Only if elected leaders and the grassroots work together, can Utah play a pivotal role in returning America to its greatness. May God bless this great nation and the Sovereign State of Utah as we seek those with “courage” to stand firm in our beliefs and protect this country for our children and future generations.

I ask for your vote in 2012.

Rep. Chris Herrod


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