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Do you support Fair Elections in 2016?

I recently wrote this letter to my State Senator. You’re welcome to use it (or parts of it) when writing your own Senator.

Senator Stevenson,

Last year SB54 was rushed through the legislative process with very little debate, and even less public comment. At the time the Utah GOP advised that complying with the law would take much longer than the “arbitrary” 2016 implementation date specified in the law.

SB54 requires significant changes to the governing documents of the Utah GOP, which must be adopted before each County Party may undertake the same process to modify our governing documents.

Having been active in the Party for some time, I can attest that it can take hours to modify a single, simple bylaw. Can you imagine how many hours it will take at the State Convention to make sweeping modifications? This process must be repeated again in each County Convention to ensure compliance with the law.

You’ve attended these conventions, so you know exactly what I’m talking about.

As the Utah GOP stated prior to the passage of SB54, 2016 is simply not a realistic date.

I urge you to support SB43 (1st Substitute). This bill delays implementation of SB54 until the 2018 election cycle.

This delay will give the Courts the time they need to determine whether or not SB54 violates the Right of Assembly provided in the Bill of Rights, and (should it be found Constitutional) would provide additional time for the UT GOP and County Parties (including our own) additional time to modify our governing documents.

Additionally, as I’m sure you’re aware, a recent poll found that 60 % of Utahns support delaying implementation of SB54 when made aware of the fact that political parties may be unable to comply by the deadline.

SB43 (1st Substitute) will be voted on this Thursday. Please let me know your thoughts on the bill, and whether or not you plan on voting for Fair Elections in 2016.

  • Joe Levi, Vice Chair, Davis County Republican Party

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