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Candidate for U.S. Senate: Orrin Hatch

Dear Fellow Republican,

We see two routes before us in America today. The path to the left screams spend. Because it requires no sacrifice, this path is popular.

The path to the right is one of sacrifice, tough choices and hard work, but it’s the only path that works. I’ve always traveled the path to the right, and I have been blessed to have many of you by my side over the years. As we begin 2012 I have three priorities as your representative.

  1. Runaway government spending is ruining us. I have long championed the Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution, and I will continue use my influence as ranking member of the Senate Finance Committee to get this amendment passed. As we reduce spending we will also lower taxes to put money back in American’s pockets.
  2. Fully repealing the unconstitutional, $2.6 trillion Obamacare is critical to job creation and economic growth, and it is step one toward achieving real, lasting entitlement reform. Unless we fix massive government programs like Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security, we will guarantee our children and grandchildren’s future is less bright than our own.
  3. I will continue pushing to advance a long-term energy strategy for Utah. The current administration has a stranglehold on Utah’s ability to determine its own energy future, and getting the feds out of our energy policies will reduce energy costs and provide jobs.

At this difficult time it’s Utah’s turn to lead. Our strong conservative values have made Utah’s fiscal situation one of the best in the nation. By extending these values to the rest of the nation we can reduce spending, cut down the debt and lower taxes all while inspiring economic growth. I will use every lesson, connection and strategy I’ve accumulated in 35 years as a Senator to show this nation that following Utah’s lead is a path to prosperity.

Orrin Hatch


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