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Android app of the Day: Bloo

Name Bloo
Author Dimitris Couchell
Cost USD$1.49
Available from Android Marketplace
Summary Facebook Client
Description Bloo is a Facebook client for Android. While not written by Facebook, the app claims to be the only “Native Facebook App”. If you FB, this is the best app I could find. Hooking the app to your account requires the acquisition of a six digit code (which it will direct you to the first time you run it), and will then require to to authorize every little thing you do with the app. While this is annoying and frustrating, it’s nice to know how granular the security model is that Facebook is using, and that Bloo doesn’t just grab every security permission under the sun, only what you want. Once it’s set up and you’ve gone through the motions, you’re done, you don’t have to reconfigure it again.


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