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Android app of the Day: Mobile Banking for Android

Name Mobile Banking for Android
Author Firethorn Holdings LLC
My Rating 4/5 stars
Cost Free
Available from Android Marketplace
Summary Displays account balances, transfers, and bill-pay
Description Mobile Banking for Android gives you your bank account in the palm of your hand. This software ties into partner banks and credit unions to give you account balances, ability to transfer funds between sub-accounts on the same account, and bill-pay. PIN protected to keep unauthorized users out, but allow you quick access in. Much better than the Windows Mobile version of the same. On par with the iPhone version of the same. NOTE: Your financial institution MUST support this particular application for you to get any use out of it. Check your financial institution first. (I use this with America First Credit Union and love it.)

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  1. motorcycle_accident_attorneys says:

    Oh!…that's great helpful, it's so right to me! Million thanks for the article,

  2. garyportnay says:

    Cannot log onto Citi or Chase. Their web sites do not issue activation codes. USAA works perfectly.

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