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iPad: It’s just a big iPhone… without the phone

Today Apple announced a long rumored “tablet” pc.

Except it’s not a pc, it’s not even a Mac. It runs the iPhone operating system.

For the most part, it’s just a big iPhone. Well, sort of. It doesn’t even have a phone. You read that correctly: no phone.

There’s no web cam either, so you can’t even do video conferencing. Oh, and no still camera.

So, for the price of a very well equipped netbook you get:

  • no physical keyboard
  • to wait until late-March/April to actually buy one
  • no netcam
  • no camera
  • a scaled down operating system that runs proprietary applications
  • no phone
  • an app store that severely limits your ability to run any “phone-like” software (and other’s)
  • a pretty screen
  • a pretty UI
  • “bragging” rights

Or spend the same amount of money on any netbook from any manufacturer, and get everything the iPad is missing, but maybe not the “bragging” rights.

What are your thoughts and opinions? Who among you is brave enough to admit that you’ve pre-ordered one?


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