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Healthcare Bureaucrat Turned Tyrant

Quote of the Day: “If the government can provide affordable, quality medical coverage for all Americans, let them prove it by providing it to our veterans.” – Unknown

In this message . . .

  • How I lost my doctor
  • Terrifying statements from the new head of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services
  • Plus, a special offer from

The Democrats promised us lots of things about their healthcare bill (just like the Republicans promised us lots of things about Iraq). For instance . . .

  • If you have insurance you like, it won’t change
  • If you have a doctor you like, you’ll be able to continue seeing him or her

Well, how are those promises working out for you?

Personally, my insurance hasn’t changed, YET, but my doctor has.

My “liberal Democratic” doctor probably cheers most of the Social-Fascist policies proposed by his favored political party, except that the healthcare bill happened to gore his personal ox. The result is that he has stopped . . .

  • seeing Medicaid and Medicare patients
  • taking health insurance payments
  • accepting fees for services

Instead, he is now a concierge doctor. His remaining patients pay him a lump sum each year, for which they receive a set list of tests, and “unlimited” consultation. The price was too rich for me, and so I’m now among the hundreds of his former patients who need a new primary care physician.

Thank you so much President Obama and Congress.

We predict that this is only the beginning of the chaos. Please pay attention to the statements made by the head of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services that I quote in my sample letter below. They highlight why it’s important to keep fighting the new healthcare law. We must never let the politicians assume that we have submitted to their coercion.

Please send Congress another letter about this issue.

You can borrow from or copy my sample letter . . .

My determination to repeal the recently passed healthcare bill has increased after reading the following statements by Dr. Donald Berwick, the recently appointed head of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).

Dr. Berwick: “The unaided human mind, and the acts of the individual, cannot assure excellence. Health care is a system, and its performance is a systemic property.”

This concerns me because Dr. Berwick seems to believe that HIS unaided human mind is capable of determining THE SYSTEM that we should all submit to.

Dr. Berwick: “I would place a commitment to excellence—standardization to the best-known method—above clinician autonomy as a rule for care.”

In other words, one size fits all, and Mr. Berwick’s unaided mind is ready and willing to tell us the ONE METHOD by which we must all be treated.

“Young doctors and nurses should emerge from training understanding the values of standardization and the risks of too great an emphasis on individual autonomy.”

Nevermind that we all have individual genomes, and individual genetic expressions, and individual everything. Mr. Berwick wants us all to be same-sized square pegs that he will pound into his preferred round holes. It’s also very evident that he wants to silence individual thought and innovation in the minds of the next generation of healthcare providers.

Dr. Berwick clearly views himself NOT as a public servant, but as a RULER. If you want to distinguish yourself from Dr. Berwick, please demonstrate that you want to serve me rather than rule me. You can do this by sponsoring legislation to repeal the recently passed healthcare law.


You can send your letter to Congress using our Educate the Powerful System.

Finally, before closing, we want to call your attention again to This fine organization is working on another approach that could help to overturn the new healthcare law, and perhaps many other things too — state nullification. Jim Babka will be speaking at two of their events in the coming months. You can . . .

Perry Willis
Vice President, Inc.


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