In order to continue getting-by in America, we may need to learn the NEW English dialect! Practice by reading the following conversation until you are able to understand the term "TENJOOBERRYMUDS." The following is a telephone exchange between you (as a hotel guest) and room-service somewhere in the USA: Room Read more…

The Gigawatt Maglev Wind Turbine (concept)

Renewable energy produced from the wind has garnered much attention and support in recent years but is often criticized for its low output and lack of reliability. But now a super power wind turbine has come along that may be just what the renewable energy industry needs. The MagLev wind turbine, which was first unveiled at the Wind Power Asia exhibition in Beijing, is expected take wind power technology to the next level with magnetic levitation.

Wind Power

Just a quick note on some fun thoughts and advances in wind power… Horizontal axis, roof-mounted wind turbines in action When is a wind turbine not a turbine? When it’s a belt-driven wind generator inspired by Galloping Gurdy (see video)

Mike's Links Monday

Mike Dopp is taking a few days off, so in his absence and in his weekly tradition, here are a couple fun links for your Monday enjoyment! Take this interface survey to help designed make the web more friendly: http://www.interface-research.com/survey.html Download and convert online videos (YouTube, etc.) for your PC, Read more…