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WP Plugin Gone Wild

I’ve been running a WordPress plugin called Twitter Tools by Alex King for some time now.

Originally it allowed you to create a daily digest of your Tweets, which was okay, but I really didn’t want a daily blog article that had all my discussions from Twitter for the day.

I had this option turned on for a while, but shut it down after a week or so.

Last week Alex pushed an update which brought a whole bunch of cool new things, including a weekly digest: one post per week of all that week’s tweets. I thought I’d give it a shot.

This morning I checked my blog and had over 20 digest posts. YIKES!

I didn’t take the time to see if it was digesting ALL my tweets from antiquity thought present day, or if it was just running wild. Instead, I just deleted the multiple digest posts and turned off the weekly digest option.

Sorry for the clutter!


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