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WordPress 2.6 “not found” permalink bug fix

WordPress 2.6 was recently release, and I jumped right in. I didn’t back up my files (bad practice!) and after the updated files had been loaded and the upgrade.PHP file run, only my admin panel and home page worked. Category, tag, and individual pages did not work, rather, they returned either a whole bunch of “cannot load” php errors, or a simple “not found” when I loaded up the default theme.

The problem does not appear to exist as much in the Apache world as it does in the IIS world (due to Apache supporting mod_rewrite and IIS not). This is a known bug and will be fixed in WordPress 2.6.1.

imageYou can get around the problem by going into the administration panel, then Settings, and Permalinks and making sure the Category Base and Tag Base values are NOT BLANK! You can use “category” and “tag” if you’d like.

Once you do that and Save Changes you should be good to go! (Note: WordPress will automagically add a preceding slash to your values, so just put in the words, no slashes or “” marks)

You can thank me later™.


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7 Responses

  1. rzrarti says:

    hey, i’ve solved my issue with your solution. Thanks, thanks and thanks again 🙂

  2. Joe says:


    Glad I could be of assistance!

  3. Kasper says:

    Perfect! We’re just about to panic a whole lot – no idea what the problem was but your advice saved the day (and my a** :))

  4. Thanks a lot. This solved my problem.

  5. Robert says:

    Allow me to add to the chorus and say Thank You!
    You saved me a serious headache.

  6. Joe says:

    @Kasper, @AbdulBasit Makrani,

    You’re welcome! Glad I could help! Don’t be a stranger, come back and visit often. And if you have other questions feel free to ask them, if I can’t solve them perhaps one of my readers can!

    Thanks again for the visit and for the comment!

  7. Joe says:


    Glad I could help! 🙂

    Thanks for the visit and the comment!

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