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The State of The Davis County Republican Party

Election season is here and the candidates that you sent to the ballot are now being voted upon to represent us for years to come.

But with new legislation that may change in 2015!

People in other states select their candidates at a Primary Election, then vote on them in the General Election in November. Once the ballots have been counted, the influence the People have over their elected officials is greatly diminished because politicians don’t have to worry about what the People think – until it’s time for them to get reelected.

In Utah, however, we have our “Caucus and Convention System”. This system puts the power where it belongs: with the People – not the politicians! People in Utah gather together and hold Neighborhood Elections where Delegates and Precinct Officers are elected. These People then research candidates, attend Conventions and vote for the candidates that best represent our neighborhoods. Depending on how many votes a candidate gets, they may go to a Primary Election or directly to the General Election.Many people think that’s the end of it. In other states you’d be right, but not in Utah! Thanks to our Caucus and Convention System, these Delegates and Precinct Officers – Your Neighbors – keep tabs on the politicians, even after the elections. Politicians pay attention when Delegates contact them. They know that you elected them to represent you and make sure that their votes are in line with what is right for your neighborhood.

Delegates keep elected officials accountable to you after the ballots have been counted. If you have a concern you can usually walk down the street and talk to your Delegate. You don’t have to write letters, make phone calls, and sign petitions to get the attention of the politicians. Instead, you just have to talk to your Delegate. Every time a Delegate contacts a politician it’s like a pre-built petition and letter-writing campaign, since Delegates carry the weight of the voices of every registered Republican in your neighborhood.

It’s a very powerful system that was designed to keep the voice of the People resonating in the ears of the politicians long after they’ve counted your vote.

It’s so important that the Republican State Delegates overwhelmingly passed a resolution at Convention to protect and defend your voice through the Caucus and Convention System. The Central Committee of the Davis County Republican Party (your neighbors) even passed a similar resolution.

There are people that don’t like this system and are trying to silence your voice. Through the CMV Initiative and later SB54, your vote will essentially be eliminated as candidates and politicians can bypass your voice and go directly to an Open Primary Ballot where ANYONE regardless of Party affiliation can vote for a Republican candidate.

In his election speech, Phill Wright vowed that, if elected to Chair the Davis County Republican Party, he would fight to keep your voice heard. He’s kept that promise with the overwhelming approval of the Executive Committee and Central Committee, and continues to fight for you. The DCRP has taken the lead among other counties in the state, to protect our Constitutional right to assemble and choose our candidates according to our governing documents, and not the dictates of outside interests.

The candidates that are on the ballot you recently received, were researched by your neighbors and voted upon at the County Convention and Primary Election. Since then, the Executive Committee has been working with these candidates to ensure they have the funding and workforce to stage effective campaigns against their opponents.

There is a vocal minority who is trying to take your voice away, and to disparage and discredit the Davis County Republican Party and its leaders. Rest assured that your Party leaders are united in defending your voice not only through neighborhood elections and your Constitutional Right to Freedom of Association, but to make sure our elected officials continue to hear your voice after the ballots have been counted.

We would like to recognize and thank members of the Executive Committee (you’ll find their names and contact information on our website. The EC also includes the President of the DCRW and TAR’s), and the DCRP Central Committee (Precinct Chairs, Vice Chairs, Affiliates and Elected Officials). These are people who take time away from their families, their jobs, and other activities, to donate hundreds and hundreds of hours working for our Party.

We would also like to thank our County and State Delegates. We had record attendance at our County convention and the highest percentage of turnout in the State, and we had 100% representation with our Delegates at the State convention! Thanks to all who fulfill their stewardship with great dedication.

We would like to thank the Ethics Committee for their work thoroughly investigating every concern that has been brought before them. The Ethics Committee is made up of a wide cross-section of party members:

  • Dan Liljenquist, Former Utah State Senator
  • Karianne Lisonbee, Syracuse City Councilwoman
  • Swen Howard, former personal staff intern for U.S. Senator Orrin Hatch
  • Annadel Lemon, Account Executive at North American Title
  • Derek Williams, a successful attorney

If you haven’t done so already, we encourage you to get to know your neighborhood Delegates and Precinct Officers. We invite your questions and feedback, and would be happy to talk with any of you at the regularly scheduled Executive Committee Meetings held the second Thursday of each month at 7pm in the Davis County Administration Building.

Please also take a look at our new DCRP website that is packed with up-to-date information, including Federal, County and State candidates on the ballot. We’ve even included information about judges up for reelection and the proposed State Constitutional Amendments. Although they are non-partisan races, we’ve included contact information for candidates for theCounty and State School Board. Over the last few months we have updated everything for the Party, including our social media with Facebook and Twitter, even Google+.

Your Party officers and leadership are working hard to promote our DCRP platform, our Republican candidates, and to keep the commitments we made when we were elected.

Thanks for your commitment to the success of the DCRP!

Respectfully,Phill Wright, Chair
Joe Levi, Vice Chair
Brady Jugler, Interim Secretary
Michael Woolsey, Treasurer


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