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Windows Mobile 7 Predictions

According to sources, Microsoft will be holding a press conference to officially announce Windows Mobile 7 on Monday, February 15th, 2010.

So what is new in WinMo 7? We’ll have to wait and see. In the meantime, here are my WinMo7 predictions:

  • Microsoft announces new form-factor; larger, no camera, no phone; calls it the winPad
  • Windows Phone, now powered by Android
  • Pocket Internet Explorer (aka Internet Explorer Mobile) replaced with Chrome (Safari is optional to comply with EU requirements; Fennec is still "due out soon")
  • Windows Media Player Mobile: has not been upgraded; it is not being replaced with a “Zune Player”; and still doesn’t natively play .WAV files
  • Microsoft will announce that its mobile division has been sold off; major buyers are SPB Software House & HTC
  • Windows CE scrapped; new handsets run Windows 7 with Aero
  • Touch-friendly GUI replaced with PowerShell command prompt, to make a call run: dialer -outgoing -[contact name] -[home|work|mobile|…] -redialattempts:[0-999]
  • Solitaire is upgraded; winning "card cascade" animation is now in full HD resolution @ 120Hz

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