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Why you should NOT vote for Orrin Hatch

Senator Orrin Hatch just sent me an email asking for money for his re-election campaign.

“Our campaign is just 11 hours away from our critical midnight fundraising deadline. As we approach this important event, I wanted to remind you about what we are fighting for.”

Not only does he need my money, he needs it “soon”. He continues:

Every day in the Senate, I fight for the rights of individual liberty and personal responsibility that Utahns hold dear. This is a fight for limited government, lower taxes, balanced budgets (and a Balanced Budget Amendment), and our constitutional rights.

The rights of “individual liberty” and “limited government”? Really, Senator?

On NUMEROUS occasions you have voted to erode our Fourth Amendment Rights to privacy and Due Process of Law. When I and my constituents brought this to your attention, you dismissed our concerns, stating in essence that we must give up certain liberties to be safer from “terrorists”, that without allowing government agencies to spy on us without a warrant was “necessary” to ensure our safety.

When certain provisions of the “Fourth Amendment Erosion Act” were set to expire — provisions that had never been used — instead of letting them expire, and restore some of your Forth Amendment Rights, he voted to AGAINST your privacy!

Even after I called his office, wrote him letters, and called him our on his Facebook page, stating that his vote would be seen as a vote FOR or AGAINST privacy, and restoration of YOUR RIGHTS he cast a toxic vote, just like former Senator Bennett did before he was FIRED by his constituents.

On MANY occasions, Senator Hatch has voted:

  • AGAINST your Fourth Amendment Rights
  • AGAINST you Fifth Amendment Rights
  • AGAINST due process
  • AGAINST habeus corpus
  • FOR the confiscation of your Gold
  • FOR the “inspection” of your safe-deposit box at your bank
  • FOR you being labels a “terrorist” if you endanger someone’s life — i.e., 5 MPH over the speed limit on the highway
  • FOR immunity of Federal Agents, even if they violate the law
  • FOR immunity of individuals and businesses if they are asked by a Federal Agent to break the law

What’s more, Senator Hatch doesn’t feel there is anything wrong with this. In a statement to me on his Facebook page, when confronted with these issues, his response was “I can’t please everyone. We’ll just have to agree to disagree”.

His email goes on:

“I call this Utah Values; others might just call this common sense.”

I call this a Senator who has forgotten his Oath of Office to Uphold, Protect, and Defend the Constitution of the United States of America. I call this a Senator who has got it all wrong.

Do you want Senator Hatch to continue to whittle away your Constitutional Rights? If not:

  • Do NOT donate any money to Senator Hatch’s re-election campaign
  • Do NOT cast a vote for Orrin Hatch
  • Do write to Senator Hatch DEMANDING he restore your Fourth Amendment Rights to privacy
  • Do write to Senator Hatch DEMANDING he restore your Fifth Amendment Rights against self-incrimination
  • Do write to Senator Hatch DEMANDING he restore your right to own Gold
  • Do write to Senator Hatch DEMANDING he prohibit Federal Agents from entering your safe deposit box without a warrant
Senator Hatch, THOSE are Utah Values. Those are “common sense”. I’m sorry you don’t agree — Senator Bennett didn’t either.

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