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Obama allows 300,000 illegal aliens to stay in the country

Because of President Obama’s plan to halt the deportation of these individuals, they are now able to get temporary work visas. What does that mean?

It means that while there are nearly 25 million Americans who can’t find full-time employment, some 300,000 illegal aliens will be allowed to take jobs at a fraction of the cost.

President Obama is essentially saying that he cares more about people who broke our laws by coming to this country illegally than the millions of Americans who are looking for work every day.

These illegals were already issued deportation orders by a U.S. court of law. President Obama has – by executive order – blocked their deportation, allowing them to continue to take, take, take from our country while contributing little or nothing back.

Once again, President Obama has catered to the pro-amnesty movement in order to gain votes for his re-election – at the expense of the legal U.S. citizens he took an oath to protect.

Who is the first person to benefit from President Obama’s new amnesty executive order? His dear Uncle Omar.

President Obama’s uncle (who is an illegal alien) was arrested for drunk driving just a week ago. While no one was hurt, the fact remains that people were in danger because this illegal immigrant was in the country.

He was given a deportation order in 1992 and just ignored it. When he was arrested he asked for his one phone call to be to the White House. I wonder who he was calling.

Now we’ve found out that Uncle Omar has been released from police custody. That’s right, RELEASED! Even though he broke the law! He’s in this country illegally; was given a deportation order nearly two decades ago;was found driving drunk; yet now he’s been granted backdoor amnesty?

Congressman Steven King (R-IA), who is an aggressive opponent to backdoor amnesty, has issued the following statement:

“President Obama’s uncle, ‘Uncle Omar,’ has been picked up for drunken driving with almost twice the blood-alcohol level that is allowable by law in Massachusetts. It’ll be the third time that he’s been interdicted with regard to being an illegal immigrant. He’s twice before been adjudicated for deportation, this time Immigration and Customs Enforcement just released him, after they had him in custody, as if he’s not going to be a danger to our society.

“The special privileges for the president’s family who are illegal immigrants, this is the second one. His ‘Aunt Zeituni’ was also picked up as an illegal immigrant and finally granted an asylum by ICE, by the Department of Homeland Security.”

President Obama’s uncle is not Hispanic. This is not an issue about race; this is an issue about immigration. President Obama made this about race. When he was elected we were promised an end to racial divisiveness, but instead, this is what we get.
President Obama’s executive order to grant amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants is AGAINST THE LAW AND UNCONSTITUTIONAL!

Congressman King has joined Congressmen Allen West (R-FL) and Candice Miller (R-MI) in calling on Congress to hold hearings on President Obama’s decision to circumvent the rule of law and the Constitution of the United States when he granted amnesty to illegal immigrants last month. According to Rep. King:

“Congress writes the laws and the Executive Branch enforces them. For the president to have his subordinates declare and announce they’re not going to enforce the law is de facto amnesty. It’s essentially a de facto repealing of immigration laws; it’s a lawless decision, and I am very offended by it – and we must take action.”

PRESIDENT Obama thinks he’s the KING of this country!

When he was sworn into office he took an oath to uphold the law and the Constitution, and now he’s disregarding both. Hans Von Spakovsky of The Heritage Foundation writes that:

“Article II, Section 3 directs the President to ‘take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed.’ Unfortunately, in what has become an all too common occurrence in this administration, Obama is once again bending that oath to the breaking point by specifically not taking care that immigration laws passed by Congress are faithfully executed.”

John Stahl of the Tea Party Immigration Coalition states that:

“No president should have the ability to circumvent law. In fact, the law says anyone giving aid and comfort to illegal aliens is in serious violation of law. People have been prosecuted under that particular law.”

Of course, laws don’t matter to President Obama. He thinks that he can do whatever he wants without going through Congress. It’s just one more way he’s trying to control the country.

President Obama knows what he has done is against the law and the Constitution. But it doesn’t matter to him. He said during a La Raza convention:

“The idea of doing things on my own is very tempting. I promise you, not just on immigration reform. But that’s not how our system works. That’s not how our democracy functions. That’s not how our Constitution is written.”

The crowd chanted back at him “yes you can!” Apparently, the prospect of getting back those votes was more tempting than upholding the document which our Founding Fathers created to start our exceptional Nation over 200 years ago.
President Obama knows that his approval rating is dropping like a stone, he knows that he’s lost the support of the Latino community, so now he’s giving illegal aliens amnesty in the hopes that Hispanics will then vote for him.

However, most legal immigrants don’t believe that amnesty is the answer. They came to this country the lawful way, paid for an immigration lawyer, paid their immigration fees, spent months working hard to become a citizen, spent thousands of dollars trying to be granted citizenship. It’s a slap in the face to them for President Obama to just grant free amnesty for those who didn’t come here the honest way.

Now remember how liberals have also been saying Voter ID laws were somehow racist? Well guess what, without those laws, now these illegal aliens have a way to vote for President Obama, you don’t think ACORN won’t be helping them?

The Obama administration said that this executive order is intended to refocus deportation resources on “public safety threats,” rather than on every individual who is in the country illegally.

Does he think we’re stupid?

He bypassed Congress for this because he knows that – like the DREAM Act – it will never pass. And heneeds those Hispanic votes.

This man has thrown out every rule in the book. It’s not enough that his administration investigates their enemies, punishes them through targeted tax hikes or tries to shut down any and all opposition, now they’re deciding what laws should be prosecuted and which should not.

Apparently, according to President Obama, coming into this country illegally is not a crime. The United States borders are completely open for ANYONE to come in here, get welfare, get free healthcare, get a free ride (at the taxpayer’s expense) – so long as they aren’t violent. Why have borders at all then? Why not let ANYONE just flood into the country?

Just because they aren’t obviously violent doesn’t mean it’s okay for them to be here. Committing crimes that put other people in danger is bad as well. Those who drive drunk and run stop signs (like Uncle Omar) put the rest of us at risk.

Backdoor amnesty is an insult to all the immigrants who went through the legal process of becoming a citizen. It’s an insult to every American who works hard and pays taxes which are then given to these illegals in the form of welfare. It’s an insult that President Obama cares so little for American citizens that he is willing to circumvent the legislative process to implement his own plans.

Just last month President Obama was telling Latinos that he can’t go around Congress to implement his own immigration policy. So what does he call this?

Never in our lifetime has our country been under a regime like this. The nerve of President Obama to think that he can just do whatever he wants is astounding.

He thinks that it’s okay to use taxpayer money to go on a campaign trip.

He thinks that it’s okay to use taxpayer money for extravagant vacations and date nights.

He thinks that it’s okay to use the nation’s credit card as his personal bank account.

And now he thinks that he can just bypass Congress to do whatever he feels like. And this isn’t the first time:

  1. Remember when he told the Department of Justice not to defend the Defense of Marriage Act?
  2. Remember when he ignored the court order to restore deep-water drilling?
  3. Remember when he refused to prosecute armed Black Panthers who were caught on camera intimidating voters?
  4. Remember when he refused to defund ACORN even though they were caught on camera advising people on how to break the law?
  5. Remember when he authorized military action in Libya without consulting Congress?

And the list goes on.

What’s next?

Not only has this man just opened up our borders to anyone that wants in, but he has also decided that Caucasians should no longer be allowed to get jobs.

That’s right; in another executive order he’s decided that the federal government needs to hire a more “diverse” workforce. In other words, whites need not apply.

He thinks the federal government doesn’t hire enough ethnic workers. However, according to the Office of Personnel Management, the make-up of federal workers in 2010 was 66.2% white, 17.7% black, 8% Hispanic, 5.6% Asian and Pacific Islander and 1.8% American Indian.

Compare that to the general U.S. population and the federal workforce is a bit too diverse. Blacks are overrepresented by 6.9%, Asians and Pacific Islanders are overrepresented by 1.2%, and American Indians are more than double their proportion of the population at large. White Americans, who account for about 70% of the work force, are underrepresented by around 4 percent. Hispanics are also underrepresented by about 8%.

What does this all mean?

Well, coupled with President Obama’s loss of Hispanic support, and his executive order for amnesty, it sounds like he wants to start hiring more Latinos into the federal workforce.


  • First President Obama begins losing Latino support in droves.
  • Then, President Obama and his liberal cronies oppose requiring a valid photo ID in order to vote.
  • Then, by executive order, President Obama grants amnesty to potentially millions of illegal immigrants.
  • Then, also by executive order, President Obama tells the federal government to hire more minorities.

Does anyone else see where all of this is going? Well, besides taxes going up dramatically.

We cannot let criminals in America be granted amnesty just so President Obama can get more votes. Please Fax every Member of Congress now and stop President Obama from giving illegal aliens like his uncle a free ride at the expense of Americans paying higher taxes. Tell them that President Obama must be held accountable for his disregard of law and the Constitution.


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