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Why should preppers be concerned about gardening?

Preppers, in general, prepare for the unexpected. Whether that’s a disaster, an emergency, or simply un- or under-employment.

Planting a garden can help provide food when store-bought food may be scarce. Additionally, a core tenant of prepping is self-sufficiency — gardening is a means to that end.

Many people have pre-established gardens that they’ve tended over the years, others have never tried their hand at gardening, and still more have tried, but failed.

For each of these types of people, Raised Bed Gardening can not only help, but can significantly increase yield, while drastically reducing the work required to tend to a garden.

Established gardeners can expand their growth, and growing season, by placing Raised Bed Garden Boxes in places where “traditional” rows may not be practical due to space, irrigation, or other concerns.

Those who have never gardened before can start small, with just one or two boxes in which to grow a very wide variety of edible greens, root crops, melons — just about anything really!

People who have “failed” at gardening in the past may have been overwhelmed with the enormity of setting up a traditional “row-style” garden, and having to tend to a large swatch of space. Raised Bed Gardens are a very attractive solution to get a significant amount of crop, without devoting a significant amount of space — or time.

Coming up we’ll talk about how to get started with Raised Bed Gardening.


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