Information for County Delegates and Alternates from our Leg. Chair.


Our Legislative Chair, Marv Cook, has asked to relay some information to our County Delegates and Alternates.

The largest concern for the upcoming convention is for the office of County Commissioner.  The candidates for this office are:

  • Mark Jacobs
  • John Petroff
  • Terry Spencer

John Petroff is the incumbant.  We haven’t had any communication about Cottage Meetings, “meet-and-greets”, or debates for or between any of these candidates.

Please contact these individuals and ask them some hard, closed-ended questions. Yes/No questions are the best. Be wary of candidates that cannot (or will not) answer a question with a simple “yes” or “no”.

Some topics to ask include the following:

  • National ID system
  • Traffic cameras
  • Jury Nullification
  • Filming law enforcement officials in public
  • No-knock warrants
  • TSA patdowns
  • School tax credits
  • The proper role of Federal government

Please report back the answers that you receive as well as your general thoughts about each candidate.

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