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California Missile Crisis: Scenario 4, Launch by a Foreign Government

There are many foreign governments that have submarines capable of launching ICBM’s. China, as far as we know, only has noisy diesel subs, not quiet nuclear ones. One would imagine if the Chinese parked a sub off the coast of LA that we’d have “heard” it and responded with destroyers. So either it was another country with subs capable of launching an ICBM and quiet enough to sneak past our defenses, or China has gotten themselves a “quiet” sub.

Why do I think it might have been China? Well, we just went through another round of “quantitative easing” which is another way to say that the U.S. Dollar just became worth less than it was before. China holds a lot of U.S. Dollars. They’d be justifiably upset with us by making their investment worth less, and maybe take military action, providing us with a show of power. China is, of course, our neighbor to the West, across the Pacific Ocean, and that’s where the missile was fired from.

But the missile came from within “archipelagic waters”, and therefore within the territory of the United States of America, which means it would be more than just saber rattling. If they’d have done it half way between LA and Hawaii, THAT would be an impressive show… but this was within our territorial waters… and by definition an act of war.

So, what if they laid down an ultimatum while President Obama is “in their neck of the woods” demanding payment of our debt in “pre-inflated dollars”, basically, calling the loan due now, and we  diplomatically said “up yours”. Would that be enough for China to dispatch a secret sub into U.S. waters, launch a missile capable of destroying Los Angeles, and then scuttle it?

That would sure get our attention, wouldn’t it? They would basically be saying, “you can’t push us around, see what we could have done? Meet our demands or we’ll launch another one.”

Were that the case the President would definitely need more time to evaluate the situation, get our defenses in order (quietly), and prepare to respond to the threat (quietly). How much time would he need? I don’t know, a day or so perhaps?


Does anyone else see the parallels of what may have happened yesterday off the coast of California with the Cuban Missile Crisis? Are we preparing to go to war against an foreign country (not just a “terror organization”)?

Are we at war?

Are we at war? Well, other than a war on terror, a war on drugs, and a war on tax evaders, are we at war with another government? Not that I know of.

Will we be shortly? I sincerely hope not!

Am I prepping for the worst, just in case? Are you?


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