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Who is 1-770-644-7400?

My wife got a call from 1-770-644-7400 this morning from a man with a thick Indian accent saying we had an outstanding balance of $2,500 with Bank of America. He stated that we had made only one payment in the amount of $50 in December of 2008.

To my knowledge we’ve never done business with Bank of America.

To “verify the account” he asked for the last 4 digits of my wife’s social security number.

When I called this number back a recording saying it was Nationwide. I stayed on hold to “speak with a representative” but was met with another message thanking me for calling Nationwide Client Credit Services and informing me that they are unable to take my call, but to leave my name and number and they’ll call me back.

I called Bank of America’s fraud help-line (1-800-432-1000), and waded through their phone-tree. I spoke with Amber who attempted to look up any accounts under our names or SSNs: nothing. Furthermore, Bank of America, she says, does not do any business with any company with a name similar to Nationwide Client Credit Services.

I suspect this is a phisher or scammer trying to get information for the intent of identity theft.

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