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Where in the Constitution does it say you have to buy anything?


“By preventing people and companies from taking care of themselves, government feeds its own growth.” – Downsize DC co-founder Harry Browne (1933-2006)

Many of Obamacare’s opponents believe that if we can’t outright repeal it, perhaps it would be easier to defund its implementation.

But even that is harder than it sounds.

That’s because the Obamacare bill contained obscure provisions requiring $105 billion in MANDATORY spending over the next nine years.

This means Congress can’t merely defund this amount in a budget bill. It must specifically REPEAL these provisions.

If they aren’t repealed, the federal healthcare bureaucracy will continue to grow.

That’s why I sent a letter telling Congress to repeal Obamacare’s mandatory funding. I encourage you to do the same.

You may borrow from or copy this letter . . .

You should repeal the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA). I believe it will harm our health, liberty, and property. In addition, it . . .

  • Denies this and future Congresses the power of the purse
  • Denies the people the right to self-government

That’s because the PPACA contains provisions that require $105 billion in MANDATORY spending over the next nine years. This means . . .

  • Congress cannot merely “zero-out” Obamacare funding, like it can with other laws and programs
  • It must specifically REPEAL these provisions, which is much harder
  • The people will be taxed to pay for the funding of giant new healthcare bureaucracies, without their consent

The people and Congress from now until 2020 will be forced to live with what Congress did in 2010.

This violates the principles of representative government.

The funding of new laws should be determined by each Congress through the budget process. This $105 billion in mandatory spending impedes Congress’s right to set its own priorities.

As a matter of principle, you must . . .

  • Repeal ALL of Obamacare
  • Or, until that can happen, insist that any spending bill also contains legislation that REPEALS these mandatory spending provisions

Stand firm!

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