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What is a Browser?

I’ve been a “web guy” officially since 1993, and was surfing the BBSs long before that. I went to college for years learning about computers, networks, communications, and the Internet. I read book after book about web development, html, css, web design, usability, user interface, and user experience. I attended web conferences (in person and on line).

I know what a “browser” is: it’s the client software that users run to get at web documents across a network (usually the Internet).

I’ve used NCSA Mosaic, Netscape Communicator, Netscape Navigator, and Internet Explorer (from 1.0 up through 8.0). I was thrilled with Firefox and have used it all the way from 1.0 through 3.5. I used Safari. I’ve used Opera. I’ve used Chrome (which is currently my browser of choice).

But I’m a geek. What do OTHER people think the browser is? Google asked the Man on the Street in New York. The answers they got should astound you!

If your customers think their “browser” is a search engine, what do they think about your site? About your product or service?



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