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HOW TO: Install America First Credit Union Mobile Banking on your Windows Mobile Phone

I’ve got a T-Mobile Windows Mobile phone, but America First hasn’t “partnered” with T-Mobile, so I’m out of luck if I want to run their Mobile Banking application on my phone, right?

Unless you don’t play by the rules… Here’s how I got mine to work, your mileage may vary.

  1. You need a Windows Mobile 6.x device with a compatible Java Runtime Environment installed on it. Not sure if you do? Try the rest of the steps, if they work you know you do, if not, well, you get the point.
  2. Download and install the America First Credit Union Mobile Banking Application. The best way to do this is to navigate to and install the following .CAB file from your mobile web browser:
  3. You should have an application under your Programs group called Mobile Banking, if you do, great! Move on to the next steps… If not, it was worth a try, sorry.
  4. Next, on your Mobile phone choose Activate (you may have to use your d-pad or arrow keys to get to it, not everything in this application is touch-friendly), then tap the soft-key that represents “Select”.
  5. Next, on your desktop or laptop navigate to America First’s website, click Online Banking and log in.
  6. On the left side of the screen is a link for Mobile Banking, from there you’ll want to add a device and supply your mobile number, once you’ve done that “download and activate” the software. You’ll be given an Activation Code and a check-box to fill select once you’ve completed the next step on your mobile phone.
  7. Enter the Activation Code and Device Phone Number from the previous step, then click Options and Activate. The application should “update” and tell you that your Activation is Complete, select OK on the soft-key.
  8. Next, you need to set a PIN, it’s gotta be 6 digits. Enter and confirm the pin, then Options, Submit. More “updating” and them you’re set! Well, almost.
  9. Go back to your desktop or laptop and check the “I have completed mobile device activation” box and click Done.
  10. You can optionally modify which accounts and billers show up on your Mobile Banking application.
  11. Also, I’d suggest you go to Options, Settings, and Change Time Zone to match your local time zone… just because.

There ya go!

You can thank me later.(tm)


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