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Web Developer's Cheat Sheet

CSS Color Guide: Everyone likes colors. They make your web pages more, well, colorful! This is a quick reference for CSS colors, great for when you want red, but not red, or blue, but not blue.

Listamatic: CSS Navigation Bars: Navigation, without it we’re just wandering aimlessly through the vast ocean of the web. The problem with most navigation schemes is that they’re clunky and not semantic at all. CSS navigation bars solves both problems elegantly. This site has many, many samples and examples, yours for the taking!

Cross-browser CSS Opacity/Transparency/Translucency: You like to see through stuff? Wouldn’t it be nice if all browsers played nicely with translucency? Well, you’re in luck! They all do, except for that crappy one we all love to hate. You know which one I’m talking about! This article tells you how to let the lonely, slacking, spyware-ridden users that are still using that crappy browser see your websites with opacity intact. Unfortunately it doesn’t force them to sign a contract in blood swearing to never use that browser again…

CSS Box Model: Sure, you want to think outside the box, but you can’t escape the CSS Box Model, nor the idiosyncrasies of the various browsers in the handling thereof. Sometimes it’s nice to get back to the basics and understand how the CSS Box Model is supposed to work. This is it.

Enhancing Structural Markup with JavaScript: This article gives some simple, useful examples of changing XHTML structures with JavaScript to add small bits of usability to your site, without sacrificing accessibility.

CSS Layout Guide: This is a guide to help you layout stuff with CSS.

Best fonts for the web: Just like colors, fonts help your site look nice.

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