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Visual Studio 2008 Installfest – Boise, Idaho

Today Mike Dopp and I headed to Scenic Boise, Idaho to the Boise Microsoft Developer’s Group (is that the right title) to attend their “Installfest” of Visual Studio 2008 (aka VS2008).

This post is going to be very rough around the edges — think “shorthand” — until I can come back and clean it up… if ever… 😉

  • We left Clearfield, Utah, around 9am and arrived in Boise just after 1pm
  • We were presented a 3 month trial of VS2008 Pro on disc, a VS2008 t-shirt (“developer” size), the obligatory round-sticker, and a coupon for two free items from the snack bar (nachos and Dr. Pepper, baby!)
  • SQL Metal (does not work against a CE database); mygeneration (or mapper);
  • Blinq
  • Visual Studio 2008 Training Kit:
  • Elegant Code group
  • netdug
  • What is LINQ? Language INtegrated Query, general-purpose query facilities in the .NET framework; makes query a first-class citizen in .NET languages

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