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A Windows Powered Gas Pump?

Microsoft has got Windows for your desktop computer, Windows Media Center for your TV, (Windows) XBOX for your video games, Windows Server for your server, Windows Mobile for your Pocket PC or SmartPhone, Windows SPOT for your wrist watch, and even Windows Automotive for your car. I guess it was only a matter of time before they came up with a Windows (CE) powered gas pump.

Maybe the pump could Bluetooth with your [ car | PDA | phone | watch ], find out who you are, what kind of gas you normally get, get the pump ready for you as you drive up, so all you have to do is confirm who you are and what vehicle you’re in by (hopefully) keying in a PIN via a touchscreen or keypad, then start dispensing. It would take care of the dirty work of billing you, emailing a receipt, maybe even keeping track of your MPG for you. So much for what it could do, we’ll have to wait and see what it actually will do.

What will they think of next?

Via ohgizmo.


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