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The University of Utah recently took disciplinary action against two of their law enforcement officers for sharing the University’s latest scheme to harass and intimidate people with legally carried self defense weapons.

After being shot down by the Utah Supreme Court, and spanked by the Legislature for their past attempts to create campus gun bans contrary to state law, the University invented a super secret “protocol.” This was based on the hoplophobic assumption that the mere momentary sight of a legal gun would cause panic, public disturbances and unrest, justifying arrest and disciplinary action against anyone with a legal gun on campus. Fortunately two brave whistle-blowers recognized the nature of this illegal scheme and shared the “super secret” plans with elected officials and USSC. They got placed on administrative leave by the vengeful administration fearful of public exposure.

USSC has been working for several months on measures to stop this latest round of academic insurrection, encouraging the Legislature to once again assert their dominance over the “elite” academics. Public exposure of the University of Utah’s scheme took place this week in the Salt Lake Tribune, and the nationwide NRA news broadcasts, followed by other media outlets. These including interviews with the brave whistle-blowers and USSC leaders.

Meanwhile, U of U alumni might want to consider withholding any further contributions to the U. They wasted several hundred thousand dollars on their unsuccessful initial lawsuits against gun rights. The claimed it was not state money, but from private contributions. Do you really want them using YOUR money to attack YOUR rights! includes frequent updates of gun related news stories from Utah and around the nation. There are daily updates on gun related bills during the Legislative Session. You can sign up for our Alerts, or remove your name, or change your email address (add the new one and delete the old one).

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