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Twitter Updates for 2008-09-10

  • Looking to flash my AT&T Tilt (unlocked) with the HTC TytnII WinMo6.1 rom, anyone got it (or a S/N I can use)? #
  • Currently Browsing: #
  • @DLB777 I’m afraid I don’t follow what you mean… could you clarify? #
  • @straylightrise Ah, but the Internet works on Mac’s now! And that’s where Microsoft and Google “invade” your computer… #
  • @soverpeck Thanks, Scott! Hope to see some comments from you in the future! #
  • @silverdragon Hard plastic has its advantages, but for general-purpose use you can’t beat a good leather holster, like ‘s #
  • @candelwish Check! #
  • @mikedopp Awesome page, Mike! If I plaster my roof they’ll pay back in less than 20 years! So if I second mortgage to pay for it…. 😉 #
  • @simonster I’m on Pro (AT&T Tilt with the HTC TyTnII ROM). I think MS ships both (std&pro) with the GPS Intermediate Driver, starting point? #
  • @Leslieann44 Thanks! 🙂 I do what I can, but often I’m too “scatter brained” on my topics… I’m working on that… 😉 #
  • @jimmoon you’re right, but I think BrightKite’s “trusted” & “untrusted” settings help protect location privacy, @ least from the public. #
  • @mikedopp Has Xobni gone into public beta? If not any anyone wants in, I’ve got invites for them! 🙂 #
  • Shameless Plug: It’s my b-day tomorrow… whcha gettin’ me? #
  • @chrispirillo Yes Chris, all us geeks DO INDEED love Lego… the fact that you must ask would seem to indicate that you’re not one of us. 😉 #
  • Good news: The LHC didn’t end life as we know it; Bad News: they didn’t collide anything in it… yet #
  • @leesweet I have a Linksys/Sipura ATA that I’m using with Les.Net, but still working on getting incoming calls with it… #
  • @happytwitday :: blush :: Thanks! #
  • @glutengal ::blush:: Thanks! And no, I don’t think I’m on Plurk… too many social sites, not enough time. #
  • @jimmoon Which side? About all geeks loving Lego, or @chrispirillo not being one? 😉 #
  • @AndreaL426 Some days I can’t convince my kids to come in, even when it’s hundred degrees (F) outside & they have sweat dripping from them #
  • @DLB777 another 30 followers today! Wahoo, and welcome! 🙂 #

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