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Twitter Updates for 2008-07-28

  • @overheard 4 year old: I love Curious George. He’s the coolest monkey ever. #
  • I’m at Clearfield, UT, USA – #
  • I’m at Clearfield, UT, USA – #
  • @overheard Sorry I wasn’t staring @ your chest, I just zoned out on your sparkles… #
  • @knik Smokes? Ick! #
  • @DonnaDunn @overheard “There’s a guy here inspecting my unit” #
  • @missingchildren Why do I care what your doctype is? Aren’t you supposed to be tweeting me about missing kids?! #
  • @cboyack Just don’t break the head off one of the bolts… then break a drill bit drilling it out, then break a tap trying to tap a new hole #
  • Why are there are so many plugins to “optimize” your blog for the iPhone. Isn’t the point that you get the “real web” not the “mobile web”? #

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