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Twitter Updates for 2008-07-09

  • @overheard Saw Speed Racer at the dollar theater last night. I want my two dollars and two hours of my life back. #
  • @overheard The last 20 min of Speedracer I realized there was going to be yet ANOTHER race, I wanted to suffocate myself w/ my popcorn bag. #
  • @overheard Speedracer: He could’ve lost, exploded, guts splattered & slid slowly down as the credits rolled & I wouldn’t have cared. #
  • @overheard The Wachowski Brothers: One is psycho Catholic & the other is just plain psycho. Matrix was a blend of religious symbolism & porn #
  • @overheard It’s impissable! Can you tell I’m pissed? #
  • @overheard found my daughter’s myspace page last night. Apparently my 13 year old is really 18 and in business school #

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