Repeal won't pass; defund may


Dear C4L Supporter,

On Wednesday, the House of Representatives will hold a vote to repeal ObamaCare.

While it’s nice that House Republicans are keeping their promise to hold a vote to repeal this socialized medicine scheme, the reality is that with Harry Reid in control of the Senate and Barack Obama in the White House, a full repeal is just not possible.

Given this political reality, no member of Congress is staring at the end of their career by voting for repeal.

Some liberty activists are afraid Republicans are trying to get away with an “Oh well, we tried” vote they know is going nowhere in order to wash their hands of their campaign trail, pro-liberty rhetoric.

This harkens back to the Bush Era, when Republicans would pay lip service to liberty issues while voting to massively expand the size and scope of government.

That’s why it’s vital you contact your Representative, especially if they are a Republican, and send a clear message that you will not tolerate empty gestures as a substitute for meaningful action.

You see, spending bills must originate in the House, so the newly elected Republican majority holds powerful cards.  House Republicans can vote to defund programs and agencies tasked with implementing ObamaCare.

Contact Rep. Rob Bishop by phone at (202) 225-0453 and insist Congress take real action against ObamaCare by voting to defund this freedom-stealing legislation and rollback any regulation that restricts health freedom.

Let your Representative know you haven’t stopped paying attention now that the election is over, and that the wave that swept them into office can just as easily sweep them out should they not do everything in their power to restore fiscal sanity and our lost freedom by defunding ObamaCare and eliminating intrusive regulations.

So please, contact Rep. Rob Bishop by phone at (202) 225-0453 and send a clear message that, while voting to repeal ObamaCare is a good start, you will not forgive or forget should this Congress not take meaningful action to defund ObamaCare and eliminate big government regulations that restrict our health freedom.

In Liberty,

John Tate, President

P.S. Campaign for Liberty is fighting to defund ObamaCare and hold the new Congress accountable for its pro-liberty rhetoric.  Only your support allows us to keep on the pressure.  If you are able, please chip in $10 today to help us turn up the heat.

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